The real life history of the People’s Radio is that we began in 2017 as an channel which was an org project. In 2018 The People’s Radio went live for the very first time and we’ve learned a lot and made some great friends along the way. We also received two VIP awards from CIG for our immersive content (The People’s Radio News and the teaser for Laika’s debut music video “This New Ocean”.

With our 2021 relaunch we moved to a professional radio station software suite running on a dedicated server and added among other things, better sound, professional radio imagining, themed shows and soon more live content as several new DJs will be joining our ranks. If you are a music artist , DJ, voice actor/voiceover artist, SQL database wizzard or web developer and would like to join our ranks email jasmine@thepeoplesradio.space and join our Discord.